Thursday, November 25, 2010

Customized Photo Templates

These are some of the templates we have been working on. Once we do a shoot, we can make you a personalized template. These print out at 10x20. You can find frames in this size at Roberts. We charge about $10 a piece for them. You can have it printed wherever you like, or you can have us do the printing for you, if that's more convenient. However, if we do the printing for you, the price will vary. These templates can be created for any occasion.

This is Maliya, but her nickname, or how she refers to herself, is Mina.

This is Rachel, but Mailya calls her Lella Bug.

This is Whitney, and she is having a baby girl. They have decided to name her Peyton.

That's it for now, but we will post more soon. Including some greeting cards!

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  1. LOVE this format. I am excited to have you do some for my family come spring. You do such a good job getting some real expressions and I love your poses.