Monday, October 29, 2012

Free Seasonal Phone Wallpapers- Christmas/Winter

These wallpapers were inspired by the opening titles of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". Feel free to download them for your smart phone. They were created specifically for the iphone 4S, but should work just fine resolution wise on any smart phone. Leave a comment below if you have trouble downloading them!

Seasonal Phone Wallpapers- Halloween

I have been getting really excited about the holidays this year. So I decided to make some fun wallpapers for phones. This is the Halloween wallpaper. It is optimized for the iphone 4S but it should work just fine for most smartphones. Feel free to download it, just double click the image, then right click and choose "save as". Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Christmas Village Title Sequence

I have been working on this project again. I started this project last year at Christmas time, but was not able to really finish it up. So I got an early start this year so I can have it done by Early December. Here is a little bit of teaser with just the opening titles. Enjoy!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Brian and Shannon Family Preview

Family portraits are only $40 if you book in the next week! (We don't have to take the pictures in the next week, we just have to set a date for your pictures in the next week.) Right now is a great time to get your family pictures done with the fall colors! Plus, getting them done early ensures you will have them back to you with plenty of time to get those Christmas cards out. Book your session today!

Little Oliver

This little man is Oliver. He keeps his Mama on her toes! He is so full of personality and attitude, but what a cutie! We had a lot of fun on this shoot.

Erin and Paul's Wedidng!

Erin and Paul got married just days after Brittany, but there wedding was on the beach at Lake Tahoe. Beautiful! We would like to wish them every happiness!

Brittany's Wedding

Well, between all the shoots, being pregnant, moving and everything else, I am finally able to catch up on the blog! Here is the second wedding we did in August. It was gorgeous, and I loved their location! We are so happy for these guys!


This was another very close call! But, you have voted, and here is your winner! Chantel sent in this picture with the following story:

I have always loved the sound of the piano, and wished I knew how to play. -Chantel

Congratulations, Chantel! We will be taking some time before doing another contest, but keep your eyes peeled! It's coming!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Voting Time!

This time we have narrowed down the entries to just four! So many good entries, guys! We want to thank everyone who entered! Once again, the rules are you may only vote once, and voting closes next Tuesday, October 23rd, at midnight. Just leave a comment below to vote with the name or number of your favorite picture. Here are the contestants:

#1: The Piano

#2: The Sax

#3: The Violin

 #4: The Harmonica

Let the voting begin!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Photo Challenge!

Alright, here we are! The moment you have all been waiting for! The next photo challenge is to take a picture of a musical instrument that inspires you. You don't have to play it. You don't even have to own it! (But, please, no breaking or entering to get to it, and no stealing! Let's keep things legal, shall we?) It could be a friends or family member's. Or, one somewhere else, as long as you ask permission to photograph it. The deadline for submissions is next Saturday, October 13th, at midnight. Send all submissions to And, just to get things going, here is a picture of the prize this time! This is a Magnetically Supsended Photo Cube. Get your submissions in today! This could be yours!

Monday, October 1, 2012


We have taken a vote, and number one, Blueberries, was the winner! So, here is the story behind the picture and the picture you all loved so much.

"When I saw the challenge of taking a photograph of something that represents your childhood, I was excited and immediately began thinking of ideas. I thought of climbing trees, the beach, barbies, legos, disney princesses and dress up. But I decided that I wanted to do something out of the ordinary, perhaps unexpected. Since I grew up on a blueberry farm in Western Michigan, many of my days were spent running through the blueberries, eating them off the branches, playing hide and seek and lazer tag in them at night- I knew what I wanted my photo to be! Blueberries are not easy to find in Orem, Utah, but I remembered seeing a small bunch of berries by our old apartment, and so I headed over with my camera and took some pictures. And while I wouldn't dare eat these ones right off the vine, they remind me of happy days, a simpler time... they remind me of home and of my childhood.

Thank you everyone that voted for my photo :-) It was definitely some stiff competition! All of the photos were great and deserved to win. I feel so honored, and I truly thank you all!"-- Chantel, contestant number 1.

Be sure to watch for our next competition coming up this weekend!