Saturday, December 12, 2015

Twelve Days of Christmas 2015: Day 12

Brian and I were talking a few days ago about how so many people get sick of Christmas songs so quickly, and we just don't. We love Christmas! We live for it! But, even he has his limits and won't let me play it until after Halloween. (I could probably listen to Christmas music all the year through.) He suggested, finally, that perhaps people get sick of it because they don't have the variations in the music they hear that we do. We discussed how a lot of my Christmas music isn't really repeats. It's either lesser known songs, or, the songs that actually do repeat but by different artists are different types of the song. For instance, you hear Jingle Bells all the time. And, from one artist to another, Jingle Bells may not sound all that different. But, if you heard the version that Danny Kaye sang with either Nat King Cole, or Peggy Lee, you might feel differently. It's as though they have breathed new life into these classics.

These twelve days of Christmas will be about Brian and I sharing our top twelve lesser known songs. It will end on Christmas eve with our very favorite, a new one to us just this year. Some days, I might post a bonus song that is an old favorite but changed up a little. Let's get started!

Frank Sinatra is the main reason for the name of our company, and logo. I have been in love with Frank since I was five years old. So, I think it very fitting that the our first of twelve days of Christmas should be on his 100th Birthday! Happy 100, Ol' Blue Eyes! Here he is starting us off with Wouldn't Trade Christmas with his kids Nancy, Tina and Frank Jr.