Monday, December 3, 2012

Helpful Resources for Creative Types

When I find something great I don’t like to keep it to myself. I want to make sure everyone who wants to make movies, special effects, or just great images knows about these awesome resources I have found.
Over the last couple of years I have learned a ton of new useful skills and been able to implement them thanks to a few amazing websites and I just want to share them with anyone who is looking for a way to up their game.
These first few will focus mostly on video and VFX sites, but in the next post I will have sites focused more image creation and enhancement.
Video This site takes the cake in my opinion for being one of the most versatile and useful sites out there. It is intended to be mostly for After Effects, but I learned so much more from it. I learned a ton of visual principles, photoshop techniques, additional web resources, and more! There are over 100 different tutorials on a variety of subjects, and even programs. I finally learned how to use Adobe Encore from this site (which I had put off for years). They also offer some amazing products for very cheap. Element 3D isprobably the most useful product they offer, but everything they have is really high quality. This site is not super classy, and they are overpriced on a lot of things, but they offer sweet deals if you join their mailing list, and occasionally they have some cool freebies (mixed in with some not so great ones). I recommend joining their mailing list, and checking out some of their products, they do have some really good stuff on there.
Adobe TV- Naturally this is a useful site for Adobe products. There are a lot of tutorials on here that are awesome. I do think there are some that you have to be a registered Adobe user to see, but for the most part you can learn the basics, and even some advanced stuff for most Adobe products. This site has a wide variety of tutorials on pretty much any Adobe program you want to name, and more. There are some tutorials that require a paid membership to view, but there are a lot of freebies too.

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