Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cracking the Inner Code Seminar Opening

Cracking the Inner Code is a powerful seminar aimed at helping people learn more about why they behave the way their do, and how to achieve greater happiness through that understanding. It takes a multi-disciplined support which doesn't just focus on body or mind, but on both. It helps connect the bond between physical and mental well-being and teaches how to strengthen it. It has been my privilege to film two different seminars and now to start working on a video series to extend the reach of the program.
Currently Dr. Jim Kaiser is essentially the only person who is able to give this seminar, but he is looking for ways to get the message to more people. This is a first glimpse at the opening for the seminar. It isn't a fully finished product yet, but I am pleased with it and wanted to show it off a bit. I'd love to hear any comments that you might have!

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