Friday, September 14, 2012

Black Hat Media Challenge!

Starting this week Black Hat Media will be posting bi-monthly media challenges! The challenges will be photography challenges, Photoshop challenges and occasionally even movie or After Effects challenges. Prizes will be offered for the winners, and their work will be featured on our blog. This is for everyone in Utah and out! If you live outside of Utah prizes will be shipped to you.
This week we will start things off with a photo challenge. The details are below, good luck!
Black Hat Media Photo contest- Childhood
The Contest: Take a picture that for you represents your childhood. The picture can be of a place, object, person or pet.
The Prize: We will be offering prizes for all of our contests, they will be hand picked items that are intended as different ways to show of your work (frames, canvases etc…). In addition to a physical prize your photo will be featured on the blog and Facebook group.
The Deadline: All entries must be submitted to by no later than 11:59 AM on Friday September 21, 2012.
The Rules: All photos must be original, and must be taken specifically for the purposes of the contest. Please do not submit any previous work. Editing of any type is allowed, and in fact encouraged if an object in question could pose a copyright problem. By submitting a photo you certify that the photo is your own original work and that you have the rights to it. You also grant limited permissions to Black Hat Media to display your photo on and A minimum of 10 entries must be received for a prize to be awarded. Each entrant may only enter one photograph.
Encourage your friends to enter, this is not just a contest for experienced photographers, anyone is welcome. We are excited to see what you all come up with!

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