Monday, November 19, 2012

Meet the Contestants!

This is way more contestants than  we usually put up, but there was just so much good stuff! See for yourself, it's hard to choose! To vote you can either leave a comment on the post with the number you want to win or submit it to the form below! Remember, you can only vote once. However, bribing others to vote for your picture is totally allowed! Post a link on Facebook, or email it to your friends and tell them to vote too! Also, you cannot vote for yourself. Voting closes Sunday, November 25th at midnight!

#1: The Baby In The Mirror

 #2: Sunset From Our Yard

 #3: Beautiful Flower

#4: All Snowed In

#5: Pumpkin Decor

#6: Jar o' Honey

#7: Creepy Basement

#8: Not Your Typical Wall Decor

#9: Not Quite Finished