Saturday, September 28, 2013

Superhero photo contest!!!!!

Black Hat Media photo contests are back with a vengeance! Below you can see a sample of this week's challenge; recreate a moment from a superhero movie. Below is a still that we recreated case you didn't guess...Captain America, you will also see the still below that from which it was taken.  

What is the prize you may ask? An Amazon gift card!

Now the rules: it is in no way necessary to include actual logos, costumes etc...we just need to be able to tell what movie it is from. The more fancy you want to get, the more fun it can be. We happened to have the captain America mask and shield in our son's nursery so we used them. 

Photoshop is totally acceptable (as you can see below), but please do not take anything from the actual movie. This is meant to be a recreation, as much of it as you can create yourself is best, from there feel free to use stock footage and royalty free stuff if you are going to add in elements.

The photo is due one week from today, Saturday October 5th by midnight. This contest is an awesome chance to have a ton of fun, the quality of the photo doesn't matter. Take it with your high end fancy camera, or with your iphone either way is acceptable.

If you have questions about the rules, or want some ideas just let us know in the comments, or on our facebook page.

Here is an additional example, a bit more simplistic.

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