Sunday, September 20, 2015

Photo Contest: A Little To The Left

Our new photo contest is finally here! The theme of this contest is simple: A Little To The Left. (If you understand the reference in the title, send it in with your photo entry for a bonus 5 votes.) Take a picture of something to your left. This is a prompt, not a rule. If you have something specific you would rather take a picture of, than do it! We just want to start out simple to get your creative juices flowing. The only rules are:

1- It cannot be an old photo. It has to be taken after this post.
2- It is due Saturday, September 26th 2015 by midnight.

That's it. Send your submissions to with the title Photo Contest Entry: To The Left. Monday morning we will make a post with all the submissions, and you will have one week to get people to come and vote for your photo! There will be two winners this time. The one with the most votes, and a Judge's choice. The prize for each winner will be a $15 gift card to Amazon. Here is my example photo.

The Thing to my left was my DVD shelves.

Now go take some awesome pictures!

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