Friday, August 17, 2012

About Us

Black Hat Media

Black Hat Media was created in 2010. It was created by Brian and Bryn Randall who were both passionate about creating awesome and professional media.  The black hat logo and name are a nod to the mutual love and appreciation they both share for the music and style of the 1940’s.

Bryn Dalton Randall

     Bryn has loved taking pictures ever since she was a kid. Her passion for it is evidenced in box upon box of photo prints. She has a gift for getting natural emotions out of her subjects so that they capture at their very best. She has studied theatre both as an actress and director and was able to learn how to get what she wants from her subjects, and how to create pictures that are both meaningful and beautiful. One of her favorite things is to make taking pictures fun for everyone involved. 
      Her photography talents have been employed by Utah Valley University, Zion Theater Company, the South Jordan Chamber of Commerce, and many more.
      She is a master photoshop artist and uses her photo editing abilities to her photos to the next level. Making people look good is not enough, she always wants people to look their very best.

Brian Randall

     Brian is the multi-media expert for Black Hat Media. He graduated cum laude from Utah Valley University with B.S. in Digital Media.  He is experienced in graphic design, motion graphics, filmmaking and editing. He has  created designs, movies and motion graphics for clients including: The University of Utah, Utah Valley University, New Grains Gluten Free Bakery, Cracking the Inner Code Seminars, Zions Theater Company and many more.
      He loves creating graphics and designs that exceed peoples’ expectations and make them and/or their organizations look as professional as possible.
    Brian is fluent in a variety of programs and constantly learning more. Some of the programs used in his workflow include: Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver. He also recently began using Video Copilot's Element and has been creating great motion graphics and images with that as well. 

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